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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Master Rulebooks Progress

This  is Steven Petrick posting.

The Romulan Master Starship Book is coming along. SVC is working on the graphics as he finds time, and most of the sections have gone to Jean Sexton for a final read-through and mark up. I am just waiting on any final reports. Then it will need to go through a few last checks to see if any of the graphics have problems or if the text in one or more of the fighter and escort data tables has jumped around.

The Lyran Master Starship Book is mostly ready for launch to the staff for review. The carrier fighter and escort tables have all been reviewed, but an article explaining the Lyran fighter deployment (a few paragraphs actually) will need to be written to clarify a few points. Note that while there is a rule that says the Lyrans used all Klingon fighter types, obviously that cannot apply to very short run fighters (such as the Z-G and Z-R).

The Lyran Democratic Republic are still in a state of flux. It is still not known if they will be rolled into the Lyran book, combined with some other minor empires (Vudar, Jindarians, Seltorians, WYN and/or Tholians) into a book (or those into multiple books with more than one empire), or in a stand alone book. The biggest problem is the General Units data.