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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

What Steven Petrick is Working On in Early June of 16

This is Steven Petrick posting.

Work continues apace on the Romulan Master Starship Book.

The new Romulan ship descriptions that appeared in Captain's Log #51 have been added to the Captain's Log section and this has been sent out for re-check by the staff.

SVC believes he will have time in the coming month to finish the Romulan ship graphics. Except for the new ships that were in Captain's Log #51, and a complete listing of the "general units" graphics that still needs to be completed, plus any alibi errors that pop up on finished graphics, this should be doable by the end of the month (fingers crossed here).

Captain's Log #52 is not being ignored.

Work on the Monster Article is going ahead, and as with previous monster articles things about the monster that were not known before are being discovered. Shuttles can actually land on this one for example!

The battle groups topics have started, and a good selection of battle group proposals have been made, but as usual the nature of the battle group mission will be revealed later this month.

I am pleading for new tactics. All of the tactics topics are open for those with creative new ideas. Whether Command Notes (Federation Commander), Term Papers (Star Fleet Battles), Tactical Notes (Federation & Empire), Assault Notes (Star Fleet Marines), Conquest Notes (SFB Galactic Conquest), Force Notes (Star Fleet Battle Force), or Call Out Notes (A Call To Arms: Star Fleet), all are open, so submit yours!

The Lyran Master Starship Book has had a lot of effort put into it. It needs a rationalization of the fighters the Lyrans will use. Seems obvious that fighters which the Klingons only produced a few of would not enter into Lyran service, which creates some problems with simply moving the available Klingon fighters into Lyan service. There is also the issue of whether or not the Lyran Democratic Republic will be included with the Lyrans (I am working on them with this view, but it may be decided to combine the Lyran Democratic Republic with some other minor empires into one book by themselves). I am also toying with issues regarding the Lyran Democratic General Units, since they are nominally covered by a single (R14.xx) rule, but when that rule was written there were not as many general units. Expanding that rule might be too much. Reducing to a cross reference and have two separate (R1.0) sections could be seen as a bad idea. Reducing it to a cross reference and simply adding an LDR line after each Lyran version may not work either, but seems perhaps the simplest (especially if both empires are combined in one book).