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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

One More Little Modern Inconvenience

This is Steven Petrick posting.

The time has come to re-register the car. Normally not a problem, but as it happens the arrival of the notice that this had to be done coincided (on literally the same day) with a warning light going off attended by a chime.

Fixing that, getting the car inspected, and getting the registration cost over $500.00.

The warning light?

Some malfunction in the air bag system. Turned out to be a sensor that thought the car had been hit, but was not hit hard enough to trigger the air bags. So every time the car started it would re-register the hit and chime. Theoretically, this meant that everything was fine, i.e., if the car actually was hit, and that hit was hard enough, the sensor would deploy the airbag then. But, on the other hand, every time the car was started there was some small chance that the sensor would decide deploy the air bag.


In any case, the sensor has been replaced, the car has been inspected and a required repair (they informed me that three of the cars four "corner lights" were inoperable, and these did have to be fixed for the car to pass inspection) has been done.

And so life proceeds.