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Friday, June 17, 2016

The Mouse Hunt at OK Corral

by Ramses Bengal

OK corral ... OK corral.
There the rodent pack ... made its last attack.
OK corral.
Oh my tuna bowl must I ... give up the hunt
Or take the chance of losing you to others?
Duty calls, my tail's against the wall.
There are no more words to say,
Before I hunt my prey ... my prey
More food ... more food ...
I need more food.
Pop a can let it pour
I'll still ask for more
At the mouse hunt at OK corral.

When the human obeys, we'll all eat our prey,
At the mouse hunt at OK corral.
Boot Hill, Boot Hill,
So cold, so still,
There they lay side by side
The rodents who died
In the mouse hunt at OK corral
The mouse hunt at OK corral.