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Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Coming of the Exterminator

This is Steven Petrick posting.

I lost most of today because I needed to be at my apartment for the pest control visit.

I know there is little likelihood that the pest control person or the apartment manager would abscond with anything from my apartment. But the fact is that I am responsible for my own property, and I need to be the one who makes sure the door is secured. Particularly since some of the property is capable of misuse. That is a minimum level of security, i.e., at least someone has to violate the locks. At it is I sometimes speak to my neighbors about security violations (the guy in #10 bothers me as he has on several occasions gone to sleep with his door standing open; he insists that he closed it but the door sometimes fails to latch).

So I had to standby until it came the turn of my apartment for the pest control visit.

The visit only lasts a few minutes. Perhaps 10, maybe 15. For that I was waiting from 0900 hrs until almost 1400 hrs.

Tonight, when I get home, I have the joy of moving all of my furnishings back against the wall (and of course I spent a good part of last night moving all of my furnishings away from the wall in preparation for this visit).

You would think that mine would be one of the first apartments visited, being #3, but the process starts from the neighboring complex, and actually counts down rather than up. So mine is one of the last three in the complex I am in that gets a visit.

Well, it is done for another year. But the upshot is that the day has been almost totally used up by this annual rite.