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Thursday, May 05, 2016


Steve Cole ponders various television shows he saw:
SCORPION: I love the show but I'm already sick and tired of the worn-out "couple that can't admit they are in love" meme. That and some of the technology is utter nonsense.
CASTLE: In this fall's season opener, Rick's daughter pointed out that he did not have Beckett's skills or experience, and he certainly does not. The question is, why doesn't he? (Well, beyond the fact that the writers need to keep him a lovable dunce.) He's rich, so couldn't he hire an ex-cop to tutor him in tactics, procedures, and techniques? He has connections with the city government, so why hasn't he used them to get a commission in the police auxiliary?
GRIMM: I think that Monroe and Rosalee would not have allowed the orphans to go into foster care but would have called the pastor of the vessen church. That pastor would have arranged for private adoptions to keep the vessen community safe.
SUPERGIRL: If I were a super hero, I would not have a secret identity or a job. The secret government agency that supports me can set up a safe house and pay me a salary. No effort will be wasted protecting a secret identity. If I am needed I don't have to find a way to sneak out of work. I would be available 24/7 for emergencies and could spend my non-emergency time training and studying.
YOU, ME, AND THE APOCALYPSE: A lovable romp as a plucky band of idiots stumble their way into the bunker where they can survive the impact of a comet. Problem is, nobody really knows what happens when something that big hits a planet. We have run endless computer simulations (with varying results) and while we know that a comet hit Yucatan about the time the dinosaurs died, they may have already been on the way out due to the eruption of volcanoes in India (or maybe the impact caused the volcanoes, nobody is sure). Whatever happens, it almost certainly won't be everyone outside of the bunker dies in the first instant. The best guess we have is that the comet 65 million years ago killed every dinosaur in North America, and then screwed up the planet so much that the rest of the dinosaurs starved to death in the dark of a gigantic Comet Winter event. A couple of billion people are still alive outside the bunker, and they're desperately fighting for whatever food they can find (a struggle that will get worse every year for a decade). Humans aren't dinosaurs in that we're smart enough to figure out solutions to problems. When the people come out of the two bunkers (and there must be a lot more bunkers, don't the Russians have several and the French surely have a big wine cellar or something) they will find millions of armed, hungry, and angry survivors.