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Saturday, April 23, 2016


Steve Cole muses about things that make him feel good about the future of the Star Fleet Universe.
1. Continuing cordial emails with Paramount.
2. The steady stream of Starlist requests, averaging about one per day.
3. Emails every week from players returning to the game after a break of several years.
4. The surge in orders for SFB Basic Set by Alliance, the largest game wholesaler.
5. The steady growth of our page on Facebook, which recently passed 3,000 friends.
6. The reliable performance of the staff, who have worked hard to improve the quality of our products.
7. Warehouse manager Mike Sparks constantly ordering yet another restock of miniatures from the casting house.
8. Leanna coming to me every week with a list of parts we need to reprint for old products that still sell (white boxes, map panels, countersheet, even dice).
9. Every week, two or three players write in to thank me for doing the games and providing so much entertainment and so many valuable lessons.
10. Every week, somebody less than half of my age who runs another game company asks me for advice and thanks me for it.