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Thursday, February 04, 2016

Projects Continue Apace With New Headaches

This is Steven Petrick posting.

SVC is producing more graphics for the Romulan Master Star Ship Book (he just finished the King Condor and its variants, to include the King Shrike), and I am generating new graphic requests (I just sent him the SeaHawk files).

However, today we discovered a couple of boo-boos.

One of these that no one had reported was that the listing of the various SeaHawk variants had the wrong rule numbers (found by accident while creating the "request for graphics" file). This has been fixed.

The other is that, while I had created the file a while ago, somehow I had never sent the file of "Romulan Generic Units" out for review. The product might have gone to press without that file being reviewed (and as the SeaHawk error above demonstrates, I am not perfect). Fortunately one of the checkers asked, in essence, why I had not sent the file to him, which revealed the error. The file has been sent now.

I am still working on the Lyran Master Star Ship Book, which is in pretty good shape as a draft, and am  going through the Lyran Democratic Republic, which despite being a smaller empire is actually harder to do. The problem is that the Lyran Democratic Republic's smaller fleet is spelled out, year by year, in Module C3, but since that was published . . . well things have changed somewhat. As an example, while it does not impact the year-by-year lists directly, the entry for the "Light Monitor" in Module R11 specifically notes that the Lyrans gave a light monitor to the Lyran Democratic Republic in Y163, later taking the ship back and replacing it with a regular monitor. Not a big deal, but the entry on the arrival of the Monitor in the historical background had to be modified to reflect the arrival of the light monitor and the subsequent exchange. Add to this,  however is that the Lyran Democratic Republic Monitor has its on (R14.0) series rule number (because it was unique, i.e., the only monitor the Lyran Democratic Republic ever had), which has led to that rule number being expanded and subdivided to account for  not just the monitor, but the light monitor and the consideration of converting the monitor into a fast monitor (never done).

Of course the Lyran Democratic Republic also had one specific rule for "bases" in its (R14.0) rule numbering sequence) which has been expanded to cover (conjectural) stellar fortress, (conjectural) advanced technology starbase, (conjectural) starbase, (conjectural) advanced technology sector station, (conjectural) sector station, (unique) advanced technology battle station, battle station, (conjectural) advanced technology base station, base station, (conjectural) advanced technology civilian base station, civilian base station, systems activity maintenance station (because of the UIMs), and ground based defense disruptor stations (because of the UIMs). All other Lyran Democratic Republic bases are handled by the rule "same as a Lyran base of the same type."

And then there is that specific rule number for Lyran Democratic Republic auxiliaries that will have be dug into (has to cover those auxiliaries that get phaser-Gs, the others are the same as a Lyran version).

There is also the question of what to do with the "conjectural Lyran Democratic Republic fighters."

So if you think my job is often easy . . . see the title of the last blog I posted (GRIN).