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Thursday, February 25, 2016

More Progress on Master Star Ship Books

This is Steven Petrick posting.

More work done on the Romulan Master Star Ship Book. Jean is reading and editing pages that the rest of the guys have reported (and I thank them very much for it, but reports are still coming in so it is not finished) and SVC is creating graphics (almost all of the non-X KR graphics are done).

The Lyran Master Star Ship Book is moving along. I am trying to get through the Lyran Democratic Republic as an addition to this (they are both Lyrans and use a lot of the same stuff), but the Lyran Democratic Republic is actually harder because they have many cases where there is only one ship, which changes the format of the refits (one ship, gets its refit, you can hardly say that it was "rare" in one year, becoming "common" in another year, before becoming "standard"). Plus the Lyran Democratic Republic Order of Battle was last updated back in 1993, and they have gotten a few new ships since then, so I have to go through their Order of Battle and account for these. And there are other problems.

I was expecting to make more headway on the Lyran Democratic Republic today than I did, because something else came up. The Federation & Empire guys need input on the Lyran Democratic Republic now, which means instead of dealing with each ship as I came to it, I had to do a mass search and update. And there are still questions to resolve. Lots of "general" units have been published since 1993. Does the Lyran Democratic Republic operate the variant of the Armed Priority Transport called the "Cutter?" If so, how many of them? What about hospital freighters? What about Auxiliary Scouts? We have so far determined that any use of "Heavy" or "Jumbo" freighters by the Lyran Democratic Republic is "conjectural," but they must have used at least some "large" and "small" auxiliary cruisers.

The list goes on.