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Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Current Situation

This is Steven Petrick posting.

Things are still unsettled, although slowly returning to normal.

Jean has returned to the office for the first time today, and trying to get some work done, but still seems to be in a lot of pain. The dog at least seems happier that she is around and he is not stuck with just me.

SVC got here a tad late, and is still a little rocky, but I at least think that there has been some improvement.

Yesterday was a real low point, as both Michael Sparks and Leanna got sick, and I finally wound up manning the office by myself.

I have been working on getting a draft of the Lyran Master Star Ship Book completed (have reached the end of the draft process, but I cannot send it for review until the Romulan Master Star Ship Book is completed. I am still waiting on reports, and SVC still has a number of the ship graphics to do. There is also a question on whether the Lyran Democratic Republic will be part of the Lyran Master Starship Book, in its own book, or combined in a book with some of the other small empires. I am rather divided on the question myself, if for no other reason than the "General Units" section (while many Lyran Democratic Republic General units are the same as Lyran General Units, some are different, and almost none of them are the same as the General Units from other Empires).

I have also been working on an SSD section for Captain's Log #51.