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Saturday, December 05, 2015

On Surgery and Fear and Courage

Jean Sexton muses:

ADB has always been open with our friends about things that affect the company. Some of you may have noticed that I've been a bit distracted the last two months. I've had a health issue that has been building up and my doctors and I have been taking the logical steps to deal with it. I thought I might be through with the issues after a minor surgical procedure in November. However, while the results showed I didn't have cancer, they also weren't a complete sampling. Therefore I was sent to a surgeon to discuss more options with him.

The result of the consultation was that the offending parts need to come out. When they do, they can be checked for any issues. The odds are high that there won't be any problems once they are out. My surgeon and I didn't see any reason to dillydally about the timing or to draw the mess out for months when the truth is I don't need those organs. So this Wednesday, I will be having surgery and will stay in the hospital overnight. The nurse assured me I'd be easily able to go to see Ragtime on the 16th.

Still that means planning and appointments so that we can be sure that my doctor goes in with the best information about my body and that I have the best information ahead of time about taking care of myself. I need to make sure there is plenty to eat and drink in my apartment. I've made arrangements for Wolf to be cared for the one night I won't be there and for any problems I might have walking the little rascal. He might be small, but he is strong and could possibly unbalance me if he saw A Dreaded Foe (also known as a cat) and lunged after it.

Am I scared? Absolutely. There are doctors (and I do have a bad case of White Coat Syndrome) and needles (and I've always been terrified of those) and uncertainty. What is important is my doctor isn't unsure about this. He has done this a zillion times (and he trained at the Mayo Clinic for three years to do robot-assisted surgery). I'm in terrific hands. But this is all out of my control and that does make me afraid.

However, a friend told me that courage isn't the absence of fear. It is carrying on in spite of that fear. And I will carry on. Still, I will likely be offline for a few days. I will be back with you as soon as I am able; my laptop is set up beside my recliner. My plans are to put in a TV show that I have on DVD or Blu-ray and binge watch it. (I am trying to decide between the original series of Star Trek, Doctor Who (the newer run), or something else.) In the meantime, please bear with my lesser presence on social media.