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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Things Moving Forward

This is Steven Petrick posting.

Reports are still coming in on the Romulan Master Star Ship Book. All files, except the "Main" file, cover page/table of contents and copyright information pages have been sent out. So far the reports have caused some major revisions to some sections, and those sections have been sent back out to be reviewed again to see if the revisions created new problems.

We still need a fiction piece for Captain's Log #51. I am considering trying to recreate the (now lost) synopsis of the Valdon story (a Klingon versus Lyran coup incident in the Far Stars Duchy) that might perhaps provide a basis. The major problem with that is (at least in my mind) the story has become too large to fit into a Captain's Log. I really wish I could write, as I have to admit that I have a kind of possessive attitude towards it, and to some extent hate to let it go to someone who will then hang their own style on it (sigh).

So far, the Klingon Master Star Ship Book has not generated many line items of errors, so perhaps we are getting better at doing them, and maybe the Romulan Master Star Ship Book as a result will have even fewer errors. Just about all of the reports on the Klingon Master Star Ship Book are typographical errors, for which I take full blame.

With SVC indisposed temporarily, I am taking some time to (in addition to trying to keep wind over the deck on the Klingon Master Star Ship Book) get a start on another book. Although I have to admit that thinking about doing a book and doing it are two very different things (the amount of tedious detail is daunting and can drive you to distraction, as you find something you missed in entry #66 that applies to most of the other previous entries.