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Saturday, November 14, 2015


Steve Cole ponders various thoughts that came to mind.

1. In this part of the country, sunshine is rather bright and during a hot summer day your car can actually get too hot to touch. I have had to use a handkerchief to pull open the handle or grasp the top edge of the open door. I wonder if car makers could not put something akin to space shuttle heat shield materials on the handles and the top edge of the door. I saw this stuff on TV; even red-hot it won't burn you because the heat transfer rate is incredibly slow.

2. A woman will multiply what she's given. Give her sex and she'll give you children. Give her a house and she'll give you a home. Give her grocery money and she'll give you a tasty but healthy meal. Give her a smile and she'll give you her heart. Give her love and she'll make you the most loved person on the planet. But give her trouble, and you're about to get a trainload of it.

3. Can you imagine what I'm going to be like because I'm now eating right, exercising, and losing weight? I can't either, but it's going to be fun finding out.

4. I was talking to Ramses the other day, and I said to him that I had told Leanna that I was the man of house and what I say goes. That was why I was in the gazebo with Ramses.

5. An example of sarcasm is when a woman tells a man that he's right.

6. I had a regular doctor's appointment recently, and as always I typed up a list of everything I thought she was going to ask or want to know. (I do this by cloning the previous list and updating it.) Being an engineer, this is just the way I do things, but mostly I talk too much and doctors don't want their time wasted. This way, records exist of minor "not worth treating" items so we have a history without spending doctor time discussing them. I listen to her questions each visit and am sure the current answer is provided in my notes for the next visit. My doctor wishes every patient would show up with such a one-page summary document so she could get right to the things that need attention.