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Thursday, November 05, 2015

CSI: Canyon

This is Steven Petrick posting.

I tend to take a last walk for the night before going to bed because it tends to calm a incipient spasm in my legs.

Recently, I found what amounted to a blood trail along my route (a circuit of the sidewalk around the apartment complex). This was not a great deal of blood; a drop or two here and about a pace beyond another drop or two. The blood trail was quite easy to follow by the light of the early morning sun as I was leaving my apartment to head to the office.

From their placement and pacing, it was evident that the source of this blood trail had made two circuits around the complex.

Of course, as you have probably figured, the blood trail was mine.

I had stubbed my left big toe near the end of my first circuit the night before, but in the dark judged the damage as an inconsequential as it had been immediately painful but not necessarily continuing in a great deal of pain. Only when I returned to my apartment and, in the light there, examined the injury did it become apparent that I had ripped the skin from the front of the toe, making for a quite bloody oozing mess. A mess I had promptly stomped through dirt and muddy water in completing my circuits.

I really do need to be more attentive to pain messages than I am, but at least at present it does not appear that my failure to respond in this case has (despite the environment I dragged this open wound through) has resulted in any serious infection.