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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Master Starship Books

This is Steven Petrick posting.

Work continues apace on the Romulan Master Star Ship Book. So far, all of the smaller sections (X-Ships, Captain's Log ships, Fighters, Marines, Interceptors, and Fast Patrol Ships have gone out for checking. The parts are sent out in packets to avoid overwhelming the researchers in their reviews. So far, the researchers have found little on which to report in these sections. The first of these sections (Fighters, Marines, Interceptors, and Fast Patrol Ships) is being given to Jean Sexton for final review as the researchers have generally indicated that they have nothing more to report on it.

The Early Years, Main, and General sections still remain to be sent. SVC, as he has time, is working on the graphics for the Romulan ships.

In general, this book could probably be completed without me at this juncture, so if something were to happen to me (unlikely, but the "Murphy's curse" is alive and abroad in the world and even the most unlikely events sometimes occur with regularity) it should reach publication in a short while.

So far, the Klingon Master Star Ship Book has had very, very few reports on errors, an indication that the system has steadily improved.

I am not sure which book would be next, but on my own count have reason to push for the Lyran Star Empire to be next up.