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Thursday, October 01, 2015

End of a Project

This is Steven Petrick posting.

With much thanks to the volunteers, in this case Ken Kazinski, Stewart Frazier, John Crawford, Terry O'Carroll, Ryan Opel, Gary Carney, and Loren Knight, the Klingon Master Starship Book has reached completion. SVC has created the final graphics (actually, updated corrections to graphics that were found in error) and these have been placed into the book.

Even better, Jean Sexton has said that all of her changes and corrections have been made.

So the book has been turned over to Leanna to be placed into production, and Simone has created the cover for it.

This book took far longer than it should have, and we are working on a system to try to streamline the production of the Romulan Master Starship Book so that it will take less time. The first section of this book has gone to the volunteers for checking, and SVC is working on some of the initial graphics (we need "placeholder" graphics simply to get a "page count" and verify the layout). This book actually exists right now as a rough draft. That is to say that all of the text has been assembled in rule number order, and all of the ship descriptions have been revised to incorporate the new data points including updated and expanded refit data. The graphics, however, still need to be done and the volunteers need to look for those things that I somehow missed and Jean has not read it yet. And of course as always with a new empire, the existing format as used in the first three books (Federation, Hydran, Klingon) has to be modified for the Romulans who have some differences from those three empires, even while having many similarities. In many ways, the easier book to do next (instead of the Romulans) would have been the Kzintis as their book will (except for not needing any UIM lines on non-advanced technology ships and not having any security stations to address on their generic units) be virtually identical to the format used by the Klingons (disruptors and drones).

At least when the Romulan book is done, it will be somewhat easier to then do the Gorns and Inter-Stellar Concordium (no cloaking devices or nuclear space mines need to be addressed, but other than they would use pretty much the same format as the Romulans).

Progress is being made.