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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What is Going On

This is Steven Petrick posting.

The Klingon Master Starship Book is currently waiting on Jean Sexton completing her last read through and demands and for changes that only she understands (I do not, honestly, what she wants at this late juncture is all entirely magic to me, and she may have to make the changes herself because I just do not understand her reasoning). While this is going on, SVC is even now at work trying to complete the last of a long line of requested graphics for the book. However, as previously noted, were I to be so uncouth as to mysteriously vanish (not likely to happen . . . but then where is Judge Crater?) the book could easily be finished without me.

With the Klingon book on the ways, the Romulan Master Starship Book is, as noted, assembled. The first section of it has gone out to the checkers, and the first reports have been received and incorporated. The book is at least all in one place, so it would be fairly easy for someone to pick up the pieces and complete it. (I have a feeling I may be moving myself to my own level of obsolescence.) Other than sending out the sections and incorporating the reports, getting Jean Sexton to read it, and getting the graphics, it is done.

I do not know, at this juncture, which book will be next.

I have been working on and off on various Captain's Log #51 projects. None are as yet as complete as I would like them to be. The battle group articles are done, for example, but I have not yet formally written up the scenario (I keep putting it off for some reason I cannot really fathom).

I have been handed another project that is both tedious and time consuming, but does fall under my bailiwick, and have been battering it for the last few days. I cannot really say more about it. I hope to have part of it finished by Friday, but we will see.