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Sunday, September 13, 2015

South to Canyon!

Jean Sexton writes:

Just down the road from Amarillo is Canyon. It is home to several things that I know I would enjoy. The outdoor drama Texas! is a seasonal event. It only takes place in the summer. As with most Paul Green dramas, there is dancing and singing and a painless look at history. After the show there are fireworks and the dancing waters. It is well worth visiting.

Texas! is held in the Palo Duro Canyon, second only to the Grand Canyon. It has a road that travels by many of the sights, so it is an easy way to see the canyon. Over 70 years ago, workers with the Civilian Conservation Corps made access to the State Park possible. Only recently have four of the five "low-water" crossings been turned into bridges. There are all sorts of things to see in the park. Flowers and plants abound on the canyon floor and along the waterway. There are many birds that call the canyon home. There is even the Palo Duro mouse which is eight inches long, counting its four inch tail!

For an indoors adventure there is the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum. It is the largest history museum in Texas. From paleontology to exploring a life-sized pioneer town, this museum has lots of historical items. There are things to be learned about the petroleum industry that is prevalent in the Panhandle. There is a gallery of Native American art and another of textiles. A history buff could spend all day in the museum.

I'll look at more things to explore the next time I blog.