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Saturday, August 08, 2015

On Accidents and Leases and Doctor Who

Jean Sexton muses:

I am a klutz. Always have been; always will be. I can walk into table corners, stub my toe on the most innocuous pieces of furniture, turn my ankle on flat ground, and trip at the drop of a hat. I try to use handrails on stairs because my doctor ordered it. And I have to admit that that the more I walk Wolf, the less klutzy I seem to get.

Still, on Tuesday I tripped on the curb while I was crossing the street. The city had put down a mix of tar and gravel to repave the street; I wanted to avoid that. So instead of crossing at the base of handicapped ramp, I was to the side. One foot cleared the sloping pavement; the other did not. Embarrassingly I fell flat on my face. One knee was badly scraped. I used my right arm (of course) to break my fall.

What I took away from the experience was the kindness of people. Yes, many people drove by, but one lady stopped to find out if I were okay. She offered to turn around and drive me back to work, even though she was obviously going somewhere. At work, I was fussed over and finally sent home with orders to stay at home the following day, too. The next day, Steve Cole picked up Wolf and took him to work so I wouldn't have to walk him and further hurt my sore knee.

The fall meant I didn't get by the management office of the apartment complex where I live. I needed to get a copy of my lease, especially with the change in management companies. I was reminded by friends to always, always, always get a copy of any legal document you sign. It had never been an issue in the past, so I thought maybe they were going to mail it to me. No, they didn't and weren't. I was told it was such a long document that they didn't usually print it out for the person anymore. I'll know to ask next time. I'll pick it up on Monday. That way I can refresh my memory of the rules I agreed to obey.

A while back I ordered back seasons of Doctor Who. Where I lived before, I didn't have access to the channel the show was on.  When it was added to the lineup, I wanted to catch up and watch. My plan failed. The landlord watched my DVDs when I was out of town and then didn't want to watch them again. As he was home more than I and there was only one television, that meant I didn't get to watch them. With my enforced rest, I decided now was the time.

I had fallen in love with Doctor Who back in the 1980s when the local PBS re-broadcast them on weekend afternoons. I loved the Fourth Doctor played by Tom Baker. His wild hair and long scarf tickled me. The humor made me laugh. I hoped that the new series would also make me laugh. It did. I binge watched the first season. I can see just why so many episodes were nominated for Hugo Awards. I have started the second season.

I like the subtle humor and the drama in the stories. What I really like is returning to my science fiction roots. I have read and watched so much fantasy lately that I had moved away from science fiction, except for the Star Fleet Universe. It is sad that I had to fall to find my roots, but I am glad I did find them. And my lease says nothing about having a TARDIS materialize, so long as no one stays more than seven days. So Doctor, feel free to drop in!