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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Klingon Master Starship Book Coming Closer to Launch

This is Steven Petrick posting.

SVC has been working on getting the graphics completed, and as he does so the book comes closer and closer to completion.

So far, all of the "Early General War" units, with the exception of the National Guard ships, have been completed, as well as the fighters and fast patrol ships. This includes the General Units (bases, auxiliaries, civilian ships).

What remains to be done in the graphics is the Early Years ships (and general units), which includes the National Guard ships, and the advanced technology ships (and general units).

Further, Jean Sexton has proof read through the sections of published ships, ships in Captain's Log, and is currently about half-way through the fighters and bombers section.

Jean still needs to read the Marines, Fast Patrol Ships, Early Years, Advanced Technology, and General Sections.

And of course I am still begging the staffers to search the files for problems (and am grateful for any reports I receive, I would rather not find myself with embarrassing typos or ship descriptions that conflict).

Once this book is complete, the Romulan book will be sent out. It has not been sitting idle, but as some items have been reported by the staff or found by Jean that apply to it, these items are fixed. The book is already in better shape than the Klingon book was when it was sent out as a result, although that nagging problem with every empire having some differences in information that is in the format keeps cropping up.

The Gorns and Orions will both have line items "Federation Reporting name" which does not occur in the Klingon, Romulan, or Hydran formats when those books are done as an example.

All the empires are the same, except where they are different, and figuring out where their differences go in the format is part of the problem in doing the books.

Probably the most time consuming thing to get the Romulan book out is going to be graphics, as currently there are almost none in the whole draft, but SVC has an existing graphics file we can start from when the time comes.