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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Continuing to Move Forward

This is Steven Petrick posting.

The draft of the Romulan Master Starship Book is through the Early Years, meaning that except for the generic ships all of the regular Romulan navy units are in format.

The Early Years ships presented a problem because most of them went from Ship description to at least four subships, e.g., (YR4.2) Vulture Dreadnought, (YR4.2A) Bolted Vulture, (YR4.2B) Masked Vulture, (YR4.2C) Veiled Vulture, (YR4.2D) Cloaked Vulture, and (YR4.2E) Vulture Plus. The first five entries (YR4.2)-(YR4.2D) are all under Early Years restrictions, but the last entry is not. The first and second entries do not have cloaking devices (or the Early Years analogues), and technically the first entry does not have an SSD [it notes the ship type was in service even before plasma weapons and warp-targeted lasers, which appear with the second entry, i.e., it had nuclear missiles (mentioned in the source material) and plain old lasers]. Yet some things are common to all of them, e.g., all have a nuclear space mine, all had shields, and so on. I settled on a general explanation of applicable material to all of the ships in the first entry, and only a short list of what changed in the subsequent entries. Perhaps one of the reviewers will come up with a better idea.

I still need to do drudgery of the Romulan General Units, but that is pretty much just drudgery to get it done.

For now, I am currently working on the draft of the Platinum Hat 2014 Victory article by Peter Bakija, and still waiting on the last Star Fleet Battles Battle Groups tactics article so that I can finish that file.