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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Master Starship Books and Progress

This is Steven Petrick posting.

The Romulan Master Starship Book has had a first formatting run through up to the point of the Early Years ships and the creation of the general section for them. The Early Years ships are creating headaches, because the way they were done does not easily fit into the existing format, and creating a new special format for them is going to be required. Doing the general section is simple drudgery, but it is not one of those things I am looking forward too. The book is already nearly 100 pages long with few graphics, and as noted the Early Years are not yet in a format.

The Klingon Master Starship Book is creating its own headaches. As you all no doubt know, one of the hardest things is checking your own work, which is why I am grateful to the individuals who are helping with the project. Even so, I am constantly finding things. I have spent the last couple of days just reading the book from start, and being stunned by errors I have made. One of the Klingon dreadnoughts had instructions for its separated boom that were wrong, they were instructions for a B10 boom, not for a C3/C4/C5/C6/C8/C9/C10 boom. That, of course, meant going back and checking every DN to see if the same mistake had occurred and fixing it.

I have gotten to this point, and no one had noticed that the Klingon D5XD did not have the "bombardment" paragraph (since added).

There have been other glitches (like adding a noted that the B10T emergency tug does NOT get an increase in its command rating if it is carrying a P-H5, P-B4, P-V7, or P-M11 pod (or pods).

I am making every effort to keep the typos and other errors down [recently found a cross-reference for the Tug-A as (R3.8) instead of (R3.9)], but there is a lot of this.

There is also the simple problem that this is the third book in the series, and that means that the "technical input" (not the technology, but the input) has advanced, making the Klingon book better than the earlier Federation and Hydran books (and doubtless the Romulan book will be even better).

In any case, work continues, progress on the books is being made.