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Thursday, March 19, 2015


Steve Cole's questions you should ask yourself when negotiating a business deal. This includes when a salesman walks into your office with a new service or a sales clerk in a store tries to sell you something.

1. Is the only information I have on this subject coming from the guy trying to sell me the deal?

2. Are we trying to get this done or are we just trying to see which one of us is the bigger elephant?

3. Am I making a deal which produces no benefit other than the warm feeling that I made a deal with someone?

4. Is it really true that I have to take this deal right now (before I can do any checking) or it will be gone forever?

5. Has anybody looked this guy up on internet to see if there are websites complaining that he's a crook?

6. How are these future payments guaranteed? If the whole deal depends on them taking a huge gamble, what happens if they lose their bet and I get nothing?

7. Is this guy setting up a deal where he gets paid if it works or not and I only get paid if his actions beyond my control just happened to produce results?

8. Is the guarantee that this will work only a promise that he will do the exactly same thing again (at my further expense) if it does not work?

9. If this thing you want to sell me is "very collectible" why have I never heard of it? For that matter, have I ever seen similar items being actively bought and sold?

10. Am I buying something I don't want, can't afford, and don't need, just to impress people I am not impressed with?