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Friday, March 13, 2015

Steve Cole Reveals the Top 10 Ways to Win an Argument with a Woman

10. [Nope, that won't work. Deleted.-Jean]

9. [You haven't actually tried that one, have you? Deleted.-Jean]

8. [This is one just suicide. Deleted.-Jean]

7. [You owe Leanna a present for just writing this one down. Deleted.-Jean]

6. [That one worked until women got the vote. It doesn't work any more. Deleted.-Jean]

5. [The last time that one worked, your father was still single. Deleted.-Jean]

4. [Not a chance that one would work. Deleted.-Jean]

3. [Not this one either. Deleted.-Jean]

2. [It theoretically would work, but there isn't that much chocolate in the world. Deleted.-Jean]

1. [Ok, I admit, that one would work, but you'd regret using it for the rest of your life. Deleted.-Jean]