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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Life Continues at ADB

This is Steven Petrick posting.

I have, of late, done a few SSDs for the next Captain's Log, one requested by a player and several selected by SVC.

I try to always have something going for the next Captain's Log, in hopes of being far enough ahead that I am not crushed in the final week of doing it.

I am working on another project, not one I enjoy doing as it is heavy on editing, and has a number of background issues that need untangling.

I could use some new scenarios for Captain's Log, and it would be nice to have some new term papers, tactical notes, command notes, and etc. for the issue.

We have a "Victory at" article wrapped up, but we have a lot of blank spaces still to fill. A tactics article on some empire that does not have one yet would be nice.

One of the things about reading history is you can always come across things that remind you that the troubles with today's bureaucracy and politicians are not really anything new. The stupidity and double dealing and protecting of "turf" that plagues so much of our government today were well established even in the 1800s when the country was not yet 100 years old. I can assure you that it is quite depressing to see the same problems now more than 200 years later and no solution to them has been found.