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Friday, October 10, 2014


Here's what's starting this fall (Part three of four)

GOOD SISTER WIFE: "We can't take him anywhere!" wail the exasperated sister wives of the fundamentalist billionaire technology tycoon, who continues to make inappropriate remarks in public. Given his history, he is always followed by people with video cameras waiting for another of his self-destructive comments. When that happens, Sister Wife One (a lawyer), Sister Wife Two (the marketing director and brand manager), and Sister Wife Three (the fixer with a shady criminal background) spring into action to control the damage. In tonight's episode, the billionaire asks a waitress her bra size, then comments on it.

MYSTERIES OF LEANNA: Why did she marry him? Why did she let him quit a great job to start a game company? Why did she let him get fat? Why did she let him do that deal? In tonight's episode, accountant Jean reports that Steve secretly invested the company pension fund in a game called Springtime for Tribbles.

TEXATOPIA: In our "building a new world show" you won't see the kind of childish drama and petty bickering you saw on that other show. Instead of deliberately picking people who can't get along, we deliberately picked people who can. We cast six married couples who all attend the same church and belong to the same political party. In tonight's episode, Engineer Mark completes an insect-killing drone to protect Farmer Ben's garden.

TEXAS TWO-EIGHT: The most feared law enforcement agency on the planet is the Texas Rangers, who still wear the ten-gallon hats and still carry the six-guns of their earlier days. Founded in 1823, they are the oldest state law enforcement agency in the US. They accept no excuses and do what needs done. In tonight's episode, Ranger Bill (riding his saddle-broken buffalo) spots eight terrorists wading across the Rio Grande. Knowing that under Texas law eight criminals constitutes a riot (since any Ranger can shoot the first six and whip the seventh in a fist-fight), Ranger Bill lines up the first two and shoots them with one bullet. Shooting the next five, Ranger Bill holsters his six-gun and slaps the last terrorist in handcuffs.

INLANDER: Touching the magical tree of the druids in her native North Carolina, Jean is transported 1600 miles and 160 years to the magical mesquite bush of the antebellum cowboys. Finding herself in a strange, flat land with no trees (or water) but lots of cows, she must convince the local sheriff that she is not a spy for the hated Yankees. Romanced by a local handsome cowboy, she is hunted by a Yankee cavalry officer (eerily reminiscent of her ex) who thinks she is an agent of the coming rebellion.