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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Federation Master Star Ship Book Nears Publication

This is Steven Petrick posting.

The long awaited and eagerly demanded Federation Master Star Ship Book is nearing completion. It currently only awaits the final graphics for some of the ships, and a few design decisions on what all it will include, at which point the "publisher's notes" page can be done and a final cover created. This book strings all of the ship descriptions (for Federation ships) together end to end in rule number order, incorporates all known errata for the ship descriptions, and includes those items of information that it has been requested be included with the ship description (known names, whether the ship is a true scout or carrier or PF tender, and so on), to include what product a given ship was published in and what product its counter can be found in (covering those few cases where a counter was not in the same product the ship originally appeared in). All base hulls list the variants in their rule with the rule number, so if you are looking for the heavy fighter carrier variant of the heavy cruiser, you need only check the list under the heavy cruiser to get the rule number and then go to that rule number.