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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

One of the Worst War Movies ever

This is Steven Petrick posting.

Recently I watched "The Nun and the Sergeant." A film made in 1962 and set during the Korean War. A Sergeant is being sent behind enemy lines to blow up a tunnel. After arriving by helicopter, the pick up a nun and seven teenage/young adult Korean school girls.

Got all that?

Oh, yes, the "Marine" patrol consists of 12 guys with large white "P" on their uniforms. You see, except for the Sergeant and his South Korean sidekick, they are all the dregs of the Brig. Not because the Marine Corps told the Sergeant to take them, but because the Sergeant does not want to lose any more "good men."

This film is about an hour and 15 minutes long, and has no pay off and some ridiculous "resolutions."

All of this is not the worst of it.

Here is a patrol behind enemy lines on a "raid mission," and one of the men SINGS? While walking around behind enemy lines, one of the men is singing!

And we have this nun and her girls, so the Sergeant puts them in the order of march behind all of his men but for his one man "rear security." And, somehow, one of the girls "wanders off" and they are not aware of until the Sergeant decides to take a break? So the Sergeant and the nun have to go looking for the girl?

You do not even really know what happens by the end.

Did the Sergeant die? Did all of his men die? Did the nun die? You do not know. There is definitely an explosion that appears to be the tunnel blowing up, but that is about it.

You only know for certain that five of the school girls survived. You do not even know for sure if the cowardly Marine found his courage (sure, you see him start down the hill with the others, but still he could have backed up at any time after that in the firefight, but the firefight is now shown, only the reckless charge down hill starting).

Unless you want to see "How Not To Operate Behind Enemy Lines," if you ever get a chance to see this film, DON'T.