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Friday, April 11, 2014



Kitchen Sink: A term used to describe extensive support from the logistics section which never actually arrives.

Kzinti-Backflip: What happens when the higher commander keeps changing his mind in mid-battle.

Let's Rock: Term given by Star Fleet commodores on trivideo (but not real people) when ordering the final attack to begin.

Paint the Picture: Explain the current tactical situation to visiting political dignitaries in a way that convinces them that all is under control and their wishes are being fulfilled.

Percussive Engineering: The fine art of smacking a million-credit piece of technology in a final effort to get it to work.

Police up the Battlespace: After defeating most of the enemy forces in a given area, sending in the police to arrest any enemy starships still operating there. Meanwhile, the actual fleet elements can go rest, refuel, resupply, and hold a victory party.

Pound the Dilithium Out Of: Used when briefing visiting political dignitaries, it means somewhat more than disrupt and somewhat less than totally destroy.

Run and Gun: To fly past the enemy while firing lots of weapons, although not getting close enough to get them to actually come out of their deployment area and fight, since actually fighting is a very dangerous and career-risking move. The maneuver usually fools visiting political dignitaries into thinking that you did something very effective and devastating to the enemy.

Scapegoat: Someone high enough in rank to reasonably be assigned the blame for some failure but low enough in rank that he cannot protect himself from the accusation.

Seagull: A higher commander who swoops in, makes a lot of noise, and leaves everything messy.

Selfcon: When a starship captain realizes that his fleet commander is an idiot and attaches his ship to another fleet.

Shoot: A term that once meant to fire a weapon and now means to transmit a message to someone.

Sweep: Maneuvering the squadron through the battle space in a way that looks impressive but actually avoids running into any inconvenient enemies.

Threatification: Deployment of forces in a way that makes the enemy think we may attack something of theirs.

Tugload: An undefined but very large quantity, with no particular relation to what a fleet transport tug will actually carry, for example: "A tugload of Klingons crossed the border."

Zippin-de-do-dah: Maneuvering your squadron past the Critical Locality fast enough that the enemy cannot engage you, thereby satisfying the orders from higher headquarters to "control" a locality that is actually irrelevant to the overall situation.

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