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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

ADB, Inc. Announces New Century Series

Any game system using die rolls has a problem with "granularity" or  how much a "-1" modifier changes the result. A "-1" on a Phaser-1 table can increase the damage by 12-25%. Things that cause a shift of one are in some ways very "clunky" in that (in Star Fleet Marines for example) there is no way to distinguish between wooden, brick, and stone buildings; all are +2.
All of that will change with the new "Century Series" products. SFB, FC, F&E, Star Fleet Marines, ACTASF, and Starmada will all change to use d100 dice. There will now be 100 possible outcomes for any attack, not just six or 11. Die roll modifiers will be adjusted (the old +1 for electronic warfare will now be +17) and the modifiers will be broken down into more discrete elements. Instead of a town hex in Star Fleet Marines being +2, it will be +3 for tents, +9 for a shantytown, +18 for wooden buildings, +28 for brick buildings, +33 for masonry, and +38 for reinforced concrete.
Steve Cole said: "This will allow me to precisely define every situation in engineering terms."
Steve Petrick commented: "I am already working on new 11x17 SSDs printed on both sides. The PDF version will have four pages for each ship, with the ship, its weapons, and an information page with its design history, three-view drawings, lists of ship names, plus construction and destruction dates for each ship."
Leanna Cole noted: "With all of our customers repurchasing every SSD book and every rulebook, we'll become much more profitable in no time."
Jean Sexton remarked: "I cannot wait to start marketing these things. Plus, Galactic Conquest can now use those new crew training rules, so there won't be any more "Outstanding Crews," but instead, "Outstanding Crew-16" through "Outstanding Crew-32."
Tony Thomas was very happy: "I have had the new ACTASF rulebook finished (in Century Series format) since last December, and we can finally ship it!"
Daniel Kast announced the new "Centurion Edition" of Starmada, with all of the die rolls converted to 1-100.

To read more about the new Century Series, go to http://www.starfleetgames.com/indexcentury.html