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Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Typical Day at ADB, Inc.

Wolf Dog Sexton tells Jean to write:

My day at work starts when I escort Mom to her car. It is very important that she not be attacked, so I stay alert for any stray cats or birds that might hurt her. When we get to the car, I watch while she puts all the junk in the car and then I get into the car carrier.

When we get to work, Mom lets me out of the car carrier and I escort her into the building. (The Steves say she should always be escorted by one of the gentlemen of ADB, so I take this seriously.) When we go into the building, we sometimes have to hurry and turn off the alarm system; other times we just have to go into the office.

Once in the office, I must watch for the arrival of the rest of the pack. When each person comes in, I carefully check to make sure no imposter slips in. I do this when I get patted or talked to. I'm restricted to the office until all of the pack is in the building.

Once everyone is here, I have to go and check to make sure each person is where he or she belongs. They should also be at work and work is feeding me kibble treats when I need them. Each person has his or her responsibility.

Steve Cole is responsible for enrichment activities. Helicopter Dog, Anteater Tongue, and Dig for Food are part of his duties. Sometimes he works on The White Box, but when he forgets his duties, I remind him by bouncing his leg. If that doesn't work, I am forced to become increasingly vocal. I think he is coming along well in his training.

Steven Petrick is excused from kibble treats, but carries me back to the front when I am tired. He gives the most excellent chest rubs, though, so he is good.

Leanna Cole makes me dance for kibble treats, but that is fine because she picks me up and holds me. Sometimes she is on The White Box, but bouncing her always works.

Mike Sparks pats me. Sometimes he forgets and I have to remind him, but that's okay. His kingdom has a shut door, but I'm smart and understand I cannot go in there. Besides, there's a gate and I can't get over it.

Simone Pike has a job and it is to play with me. She hides her hands and I have to bark to make her give them back. I am working on teaching her to fetch my toys when I want them. I think she is smart and will learn which one I want over time.

Anyway, I have to go back and forth a lot to make sure everyone is working appropriately. When I take a break, I sleep in my bed in a chair beside Mom. Sometimes I watch people go by through her window. Sometimes a stray dog wanders by and I tell them that the position of watch dog is taken.

I also have perimeter patrol about three times a day. I make sure that graffiti is noticed, wandering dogs are told to move on, holes in fences are reported, and that Mom gets her exercise.

It is hard to be at work with Mom sometimes. She does embarrassing things like brush my ears in public. But she also walks me as does almost anyone else if Mom isn't available.

The only part of the day that I really hate is L U N C H time because I have to be apart from my pack. I wasn't sure when they would return, but I am learning that they will always come back. I then do my happy dance to make them laugh.

I do announce when the postal delivery person and the UPS person are here. They bring things and people need to know that stuff arrived. I am working on not announcing their arrival quite so long.

At the end of the day I escort Mom and a Steve to Mom's car and go back Home. My ADB duties are not done until she gets into Home and we get to go on the Long Walk when I inspect the outer perimeter of Home -- a half-mile walk.

As you can read, my day is very busy. I stay at it, even though I am only eight months old. I wouldn't trade staying at the apartment by myself with going to work and being with my pack. Besides, I make my Mom laugh and that is my highest calling.