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Sunday, February 16, 2014


Steve Cole's thoughts on life and the world.
1. I think a lot of salt is wasted. I have never used a full packet of salt, so 3/4 of each packet gets wasted. (I actually keep the current partially opened packet on my bookshelf for the next time I eat in the office.) It upsets me when the clerk at the drive-up window gives me three or four packs of salt (which I asked for one) because she's doing that to everyone which means most people are throwing away all but one packet and most of that packet.
2. There is a restaurant I like going to, and the waitress always asks you if you want lemon for your tea. If you say yes, she brings  six or eight slices in a little cup when you're only going to use one or two. (I wonder if she wastes all those lemons because maybe once in the dim past she gave somebody two slices and got asked for more.) Why do lemons have to die for nothing?
3. I have been enjoying the REIGN television show about Mary Queen of Scots, but it leaves out a few facts. The English wanted her country and crown because France effectively controlled Scotland and the English considered that a threat. Mary had been in the French court for several years before the events of the TV show; she was not a new arrival. Mary didn't have to ask for French troops; there was a sizable French garrison already in Scotland. Mary was eventually executed by Elizabeth, but only because Mary just could not stop herself from trying one plot after another to size the English crown for herself.
4. I put salt on chocolate cake. Now, before you think I'm crazy, give it a try. I learned this on the Food Network. Salt and chocolate have a chemical reaction and the salt really enhances the flavor of the chocolate.
5. I was listening to Dave Ramsey (the get out of debt guy) the other day driving in. (I find him amusing as I got out of debt before he went bankrupt and saw the debt free light.) A mother called in. Her son had graduated from college nine months ago, but had yet to find a job. He had $100,000 in student loans and got a degree in philosophy. It was taking all of his earnings as a waiter (and a third of his parents' paychecks) to cover the loan payments. What's wrong with this picture? First, he got a stupid degree with no career prospects and paid way too much for it. Second, he apparently didn't ask Google "What jobs can I get with a philosophy degree?" as it did have some interesting suggestions. Third, the college was morally negligent to have signed this young man up for that much debt to get a degree that had no career prospects. Only the college benefited.