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Sunday, December 01, 2013


Steve Cole responds to Jean's request for a blog about the various product lines and what to expect in 2014.

1. Star Fleet Battles: The next year may see us doing several parts of the Master Starship book.

2. Federation & Empire: We will do a new minor empires product and a revised Fighter Operations early in 2014.

3. Federation Commander: I think we need to do the Tactics Manual and maybe the scenario or ship book.

4. Starline 2400: We'll do a few new ships (not many are actually needed) and upgrade others to more detailed designs.

5. Starline 2500: We want to focus on getting the A Call to Arms Star Fleet Book One ships finished and some new ships done. The relaunch will be in early spring but is more of a process than a single event.

6. Starline 2425: These are generic units that work for both Starline 2400 and Starline 2500, including the existing freighters, bases, shuttles, auxiliaries, monsters, fighters, and seeking weapons. We'll fill in a few missing pieces here. It's complicated by the need to bring new units into Federation Commander, Starmada, and A Call to Arms Star Fleet.

7. Star Fleet Marines: I'm working on a third module but I am not sure if we will release it next year.

8. Captain's Log: Two issues (May and Nov) as always. Captain's Log #48 will come out in January but it's a 2013 issue, so the fact we'll actually do three is just an artifact of scheduling.

9. Prime Directive: I want to see Jean and Mike West get the Traveller Prime Directive core book and at least one empire book out next year. Away Team Log will happen in early 2014.

10. A Call to Arms Star Fleet: Expect the revised Book 1.2 in the first half of next year. After that, we're not sure if we want to do another book or a series of smaller supplements.

11. Starmada: I think we can expect Daniel to produce another book, but it hasn't been decided if he will focus on new empires (Paravians and Carnivons) or a grab bag of new ships or maybe something fun like carriers and fighters.

12. Tribbles vs. Klingons will be on Kickstarter early next year. Assuming it works, we want to do at least one more "few rules but lots of toys" game before the year is out.