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Friday, October 04, 2013

The Top Ten Bad Ideas for Submissions

10. Start off your cover letter by insulting the company and game designers, such as “You people are probably going to reject this because you are morons.”

9. Forget to include your name and address. For bonus points, just list your initials and assume we know who you are.

8. Leave your submission at the Origins judges’ desk. This is especially cool if combined with #9.

7. Include a statement claiming that if we do not print it within 90 days you acquire the right to print your own SFB products. (Hint: Under copyright law, you can’t print your own SFB products as they would be “derivative works”. You also cannot impose your own conditions unilaterally.)

6. Insist that no changes can be made by ADB, Inc.

5. Copy characters, ships, and weapons from non-trek science fiction.

4. Use characters from any TV show, movie, or book. We’re not licensed to use “literary elements” of Trek.

3. Submit something, and get our response. Then resubmit it without fixing the problems listed in our response. Even better, don’t even try to answer or explain away our objections.

2. Cruise the web. Find somebody’s website with his SFB stuff on it. Copy the stuff and submit it under his name (or even better, under your name).

1. Use material from a published Star Trek book. (Hint: if we were licensed to use that book, we would have already printed everything that could possibly be based on it.)

(c) 2005 Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc. Captain's Log #31.