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Friday, June 08, 2012

Jindarian Terminology

While working on Traveller Prime Directive, Steve Cole found some untranslated tapes -- that or he had a vision ...

As you know each asteroid ship is captained by a Jindavo. A Jindavo's wife is known as a Jindingbat. His son and heir is referred to as Jimbob-a-re-bob. Should a Jindavo have a mistress and the affair become public she is called a Jindbimbo. Except for the heir and spare, a Jindavo's children are called Jindbratties. The Jindavo's personal research assistant is called a Jindjeanie. His "creature serving as a dog-style pet" is called a Jindingo.

And now you know -- unless indeed it were a vision ... in which case we are still in uncharted waters.