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Sunday, November 13, 2011


Steve Cole muses: Just thinking to himself.

1. One case study in business school was about a partner who put a quarter million dollars into a business she knew nothing about, got 49% ownership, and worked full time for $2000 a month. Her partner invested no money, owned 51%, and worked full time for $8,000 a month. He was supposed to "run" the business but actually only looked after his own customers and did not supervise the employees, who had gotten lazy and unprofessional and did poor quality service. This lost customers so the overall business was losing money. No wonder this business was dysfunctional.

2. According to Bucky Katt, Batman is the evolutionary link between bats and humans.

3. I was watching one of the survival TV shows the other day, the one with the Green Beret and his British wife. Their usual plan is to get out of immediate danger, spend a day getting water and food, then get rescued. This time (on the volcano-devastated island of Montserrat) they decided to build a spark transmitter and hope somebody heard SOS. As they had already seen a helicopter go by (perhaps tourists) I don't know why they did not do the obvious (gather up junk and spell out HELP on an open grass field). For that matter, if the scenario (tourist boat sinks and tourists swim to shore in the devastated zone) happens now and then, I would think that the local government would do something. (Perhaps put signs up telling anyone stranded to stay put by the sign and get spotted in a day or two by a routine patrol. They could stock water, food, and first aid supplies by each sign.)

4. New TV show: Le Sabot Nikita. It's the height of the Cold War, but nobody knows that Nikita Khrushchev (played by Drew Carey) is in fact a CIA spy. Watch as Nikita conducts secret missions inside the Kremlin to get President Jack Kennedy (played by Nathan Fillion) the information he needs to prevent a global disaster. Nikita is constantly being thwarted by Brezhnev and Kosygin (played by Penn and Teller).

5. I was so disgusted with the end of Warehouse 13 that I may never watch it again. Why do the moronic writers think that they have to "shock" the audience by destroying everything (and the loveable H. G. Wells)? So I guess next season will be called Warehouse 14?

6. I feel like I am getting the hang of this marketing thing. Jean asked Mongoose to do a video of ACTASF playtesting, and he said he wouldn't have time. It instantly occurred to me to ask Tony Thomas (the one SFB-FC team testing ACTASF) if he could throw together a quick video, and he said he would.

7. Australia decided that it would use submarines, not frigates, as its primary warship type. The problem with that plan is that submarines cost a lot more to operate than frigates, and sailors just do NOT like serving aboard submarines. (Subs are cramped and the crews are overworked. Then there is that being cooped up for weeks thing.)

8. I had a ton of fun at the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary fundraising party on 22 October. As Chef Steve, I prepare the buffet, giving each wolf a pumpkin filled with a pound of beef heart, a pound of beef liver, two pounds of beef kidney, and a pound of hamburger (mixed with vitamin supplements and other things good for wolves). I got to do a presentation about wolves, diets, hunting strategies, and pack organization which was well received.