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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

SFB Basic Set SSD Book Update

This is Steven Petrick posting.

Well, the update of the Basic Set SSD book is done. It is all assembled, SVC has paged through it and referred a matter to Jean Sexton, and the matter has been resolved and the corrections made. It will probably go to Leanna tomorrow, and show up on e23 soon after that.

What does the update entail?

Well, every ship and base has its appropriate Crawford table.

All the refits where applicable and possible to do are noted on each SSD with the year they are available. So for the most part you can look at your SSD and determine if the year you have chosen to play the scenario in allows a given SSD. There are some exceptions here, i.e., Partial X Refits (impossible to do as there are too many variations any given ship can use) and mech-link refits are not listed. The Gorns are all have the Carronade data, and there is a mention of its availability on the Orion SSD. All plasma ships have Sabot data (there is some data indicating that sublight warbirds might still have been around in Y180

All the shuttle tracks are updated (there are still three ships in Basic Set that do not get advanced shuttles, so they do not have them on their SSD page).

The Romulan Warbird Cruiser has been updated as best I can to account for the new information that was published in the Early Years Modules. It is obviously one of the ships that does not get advanced shuttles, and also does not get the Sabot refit (would any of them still have been around as Warbirds in Y180?).

The small and large freighter SSDs include space to insert any skids or ducktails from Module R8 and R11.

And, of course, all references to "aft hull" or "A hull" have been changed to "rear hull" or "R hull."