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Friday, April 01, 2011

A Topsy-Turvy World

Steve Cole exclaims:

I went to bed last night and all was well. Today I find ...

Steven Petrick has won the lottery and has gone convertible shopping. His request/demand for a leave of absence indicates he plans to drive all of Route 66 and will be back when that is accomplished.

Mike Sparks has been hired by a Hollywood film director and his next film will be Indiana Jones and the Klingon Artifacts. (The premise is that Indy's many times great descendant is now in the archaeology field. The blending of two successful franchises is sure to be a hit.) He's at home so he can pack up things to move.

Joel Shutts has designed the killer app "Mafia Wars in FarmVille" (where you bury bodies and increase the fertility of your farm) and is out today as he is gleefully buying more computer hardware so he can repeat his success by producing "Mafia Wars and Sorority Life" (the premise was left to my imagination)!

Leanna, the love of my life, has gone shopping with Petrick. Whatever she saves him on his convertible, she gets to use to buy "girl stuff." She mentioned joint season tickets to the "Broadway on Tour" series and that if I didn't want to go, then I could sleep in the gazebo. She plans on being back at work on Monday.

Jean Sexton has decided to move here and fix main dishes that do not include onions, green peppers, and mushrooms so that Petrick (when he returns) and I can be more productive and not lose any days due to food allergies. She also is hooking up our computer monitors (and home TVs) to stationary bikes and says that we must pay the price for watching non-work things. (Apparently there is software that can determine if we are playing games or on some site other than ADB's and then we have to power our own monitor.) However, she has to give at least 90 days notice at her current job, so she's not here either.

At any rate, I am at the office by myself right now and trying to teach Ramses and Isis to answer the phones. This has been less than successful, although my blood loss is not severe enough to cause me to pass out yet. So if you call, please give me time to answer the phone!