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Sunday, August 22, 2010


Steve Cole muses:

Just thinking to himself.

1. Guys, do not marry a girl until you have met her mother. About 95% of the time, the girl you marry will eventually turn into her mother, and this is your chance to preview what you're going to be living with.

2. Sometimes when you cannot work through a problem, you might see a solution if you explain the problem to someone else, even someone who doesn't understand the issues. That person may be able to suggest a "core values" approach to the matter, reducing it to the basic level.

3. The Vietnam War started when North Vietnamese torpedo boats fired at US destroyers. What nobody remembers is that the US destroyers were there to protect CIA speedboats that were smuggling weapons and explosives into North Vietnam to de-stabilize the Hanoi government.

4. We are never going to become a post-racial society if minorities and liberals don't stop screaming false charges of racism every time they don't get their way on something.

5. Wildfires have destroyed 20% of Russia's current wheat crop. That could cause some serious issues. What will Russia give up for food? Is Russia in any position to demand food?

6. Leanna and I have been renting discs of NUMB3RS and watching them. They're pretty good stories and acting (although they stretch the point and do things that I know math won't really do).

7. Thanks to learned historian Bill Cosby, most Americans think that we won the war for independence from Britain by wearing buckskins and hiding behind trees and big rocks while shooting at the stupid British who stood in straight lines and wore red. In fact, we beat the British while wearing blue and standing in straight lines.

8. I keep seeing commercials for what I think are incredibly cool science fiction movies but which turn out to be previews of incredibly cool science fiction video games that I cannot play. Guys, it wouldn't be that hard to turn all of those game graphics into a movie, at least, one good enough for the internet, or television. No reason to wait for Hollywood to spend 50 million dollars screwing it up.

9. As of the end of July 2010, our print engines have produced over six and a half million pages of books. Samantha (which was in storage for over a year due to lack of space) has done 2.4 million, Kate has done 3.19 million, and Vala has done just over a million.

10. I wonder if the Tea Party is the conservative version of the 1960s SWINE (Students Wildly Indignant about Nearly Everything). Seems that other than "Vote against congress critters who overspend" there isn't much for it to actually DO.