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Monday, May 24, 2010

This Week at ADB, Inc., 16-22 May 2010

Steve Cole reports:

The weather this week was pleasant, mostly warm and clear with a few clouds now and then and rain on Monday.

The Spam Storm has abated somewhat, with about 2000 on some days and as few as 400 on Tuesday.

My week started with the countersheets, which successfully went to press on Tuesday, and we cleared the proofs on Friday. I spent Wednesday cleaning up clutter on my desk, Thursday organizing the Captain's Log #41 project, and worked on that all day Friday and Saturday, reaching a point where 60 pages had been sent to Jean for proofreading. I did the Star Fleet Alert for Monday. I updated six FC cards for reprints and sent them to the staff. I worked out plans for Vudar mini production with Bruce Graw. I took a few hours on Sunday to attend the annual birthday party for Chaplain John Denton, which is the strangest birthday party you never saw.

The meeting Wednesday went over the Origins Game Fair list for the first time this year and scheduled Captain's Log #41 to ship on 7 June. The meeting Saturday made plans to reprint some FC ship cards with War & Peace and approved the extra booster cards. At Game Night on Wednesday, we playtested the Star Fleet Munchkin deck that the guys in Murfreesboro did.

Steven Petrick was working on R12 and on CL#41. Leanna was doing orders and accounting. Mike and Joel were mostly doing warehouse stuff. Jean spent the week proofreading and going crazy about the RPG phaser pistol rules, which are a mess.