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Monday, April 19, 2010

This Week at ADB, Inc., 11-17 April 2010

Steve Cole reports:

The weather was rainy all week, which (in this part of the country) is an unusual and good thing.

The flood of spam continued as before, with about 4000 per day, every day, of every week, all year. Sigh.

We got the Pegasus and B9 minis and they are nice and will ship on schedule.

My (SVC's)week was calm and productive. I finished the Romulan Armada book. I did and uploaded more staff medal pages. Inspired by the BBS, I did the Star Fleet Battle Force page of CL#41.I went to the Tea Party on 15 April with 1500 of my closest friends.

Petrick stayed busy on CL#41, R12, and C3A.

Mike and Leanna stayed busy on orders and trying to build up the inventory. Leanna plans to convert FOR THE GLORY OF THE EMPIRE into our first Kindle Book.

Joel got the covers for CL#41 and Romulan Armada done and sent them to press. We got them in time on Friday. Joel continued to fight copyright pirate sites. Joel got a tour of the printing plant that did the covers.

Jean kept working on PD Federation (mostly on the Fralli, who cause major problems with the rules) and reported that our page on Facebook was up to 255 fans.

We had some visitors on Tuesday from the Amarillo Enterprise Network, who support small entrepreneurial businesses, and are old friends of ours.

I'd love to report that the house remodel project is over, but it's not. The company doing the granite vanity in the powder room backed out of the deal and another company cannot do it to next week. Even then, I'm not sure when the replacement windows will get done.

Electric power went out at 5:30 Friday, but was restored at 6:50. We used the time to go get dinner.