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Monday, February 15, 2010

This week at ADB, Inc., 7-13 February 2010

Steve Cole reports:

The weather was cold all week, with some more snow on Monday morning. We were told to expect bad weather on Thursday but it didn't happen.

The guys building the new addition to our home (Leanna's and mine) made a lot of progress this week, getting the tile, tub, light fixtures, and granite counter installed, along with all of the plumbing fixtures except in the shower, where the tile guys just finished.

Google's book deal was blocked by the US government, which was a good thing, as Google required any copyright holder to tell them not to use his book.

My week was dominated by work on F&E 2010. I processed all of the staff reports, the last of the Core Change topics, and all of the CL #41 Q&A stuff to date. I also posted a list of unresolved issues from the CL #18-CL #40 files of questions and rulings. Despite being busy with F&E, I kept my promise to Jean and did 21 pages of her fixes to PD Federation. I made the final fixes to Communique #50 and Eric posted it. I did not do any work on Customer Requests this week due to the F&E 2010 workload. I sent the ship cards for Booster #92 to press. I reviewed the proposal for a fiction story by Mike Bennett. I ended up doing two pages of CL #41 as part of doing the F&E 2KX project.

Steven Petrick worked on CL #41, did more SFB scenarios (that file got empty), and let himself get roped into doing a list of the changes from G2 to G3, which was not a productive use of his valuable time, but players wanted it.

Leanna did mail orders, book printing, and accounting. She also got two more CapLog reprints (#2 and #4) put onto the shopping cart.

Mike Sparks spent most of the week checking in (and doing quality control checks on) the huge shipments of miniatures we received, but he also processed mail orders and wholesaler orders, and saved us a bunch of money when he found an item we needed on Ebay. (He found it by accident, as the seller had misspelled it.)

Eric Olivarez was expected to leave this week, but was still here by week's end. (His family is moving to Austin, not something he wanted.) He got a lot of work done on the website and wrote extensive notes for his replacement.

Jean continued making progress on PD Federation, pushed the ADB page on Facebook to dizzying heights, and did short notice proofreading of the newsletter and Communique.

Captain Phil Harris of the crab fishing boat Cornelia Marie died Wednesday of a stroke (while on his boat); I always enjoyed his humor and his parenting skills on Deadliest Catch (one of my favorite shows). Brigadier General Dale Hoover, probably my father's best friend and the senior military office in Amarillo, survived a dangerous emergency surgery on Friday, but is now doing well.