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Monday, February 08, 2010

This week at ADB, Inc., 31 January - 6 February 2010

Steve Cole reports;

Winter weather continued all week as the snow melted from the blizzard of the week before. Four more inches of snow on Wednesday night left the roads slushy but passable.

Most of my week was taken up with work on F&E 2010. I finished and shut down all of the Core Change topics, and moved on to work on staff reports. I did process the PD Federation Deian planetary survey when Jean finished it. I also got Communique #50 finished so it can go out on time. On Customer Service Wednesday, I did a rank chart for Jean, the FC Klingon F5 three-ship card, and checked some bad website links and told Eric to fix them.

Steve Petrick continued to make progress on CL #41.

Leanna and Mike Sparks spent the week dealing with huge wholesaler orders.

Jean and Eric continued working on Facebook, gaining new fans every day. Eric did a lot of stuff on the website. Eric found out this week that his family is moving to Austin right now, instead of next June, which means he will be leaving us shortly. He did a lot of good over the last year and a half and will be missed.

Work continued on the addition to our home as the tile-setters laid the tile, which pretty much took the entire week.

I got word this week that Ghengis Khan, my adopted wolf who lives at the sanctuary in New Mexico, had died suddenly at the age of 14, still in the prime of his alpha wolf life. As many of you know, I drove over there several times taking him beef hearts for a special dinner. He will be missed.