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Monday, February 01, 2010

This week at ADB, Inc., 24-30 January 2010

Steve Cole reports:

It was a quiet week, as weeks go, not least because the storm shut down the office (and most of Amarillo) for Thursday and Friday. I had stayed home to rest on Sunday, so this was the first week in a long time in which I only worked four days. The weather was pleasant on Monday through Wednesday, at least. When I finally got to the office on Saturday, I didn't do much other than the routine stuff for the two lost snow days.

Kyocera sent a guy from the national office to review our printing operation on Monday, and see what we're doing.

My week focused on the two key projects. On F&E 2010, I cleared my "notes" pages, resolved some issues, did some line items from the BBS, and posted a new draft of rule 203. On PD Federation, I made all of the corrections Jean had mailed me, mailed Jean a fat package of new pages, and read the Fralli file, which the gang needed a lot of effort to get right. I also did the Frax CWS and Fed DDF for Communique #50, and did the last two Omega maps for the historical maps page of the website. I revised six old cards from Klingon Border and got them ready to reprint on 10 February.

This week, Steve Petrick got the Battleforces figured out for Captain's Log #41 and assigned people their opponents for writing tactics articles. Leanna and Mike worked on orders and inventory, while Eric uploaded some stuff to the website.

The contractor made some progress on the addition to our home (mine and Leanna's), getting the painting and staining finished, but lost three days of work due to the storm, which will probably push completion beyond the end of next week.