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Monday, January 25, 2010

This week at ADB, Inc., 17-24 January 2010

Steve Cole reports:

The weather has been halfway decent all week. It's cold in the mornings (in the 30s or 40s), and warmer in the afternoon.

I made the mistake of moaning about my health and diet in public, and found out I have a lot of friends with similar problems and great advice. This was a week of "out of the office errands" including stuff for the addition, a haircut, my routine dental checkup, and two trips to see Chaplain Denton give two public speeches. The monthly cleaning crew came in to clean the office, and it took most of the next day to get my office back the way it was.

Progress continues on the addition to our house (mine and Leanna's). This week, we got cabinets, trim, doors, bricks, and the woodwork got stained. Leanna, however, has been having trouble picking paint colors that she likes.

The BBS and Forum ran well. The Game of Nations restarted with a new staff of despots and dictators.

My big project for the week was (again) F&E 2010. I finished the core changes (many of which failed to get votes) and did three drafts of the new 509 consolidated transport rule. I did all of the cross-reference items, and all of the reports to date on section 100.

I did other things as well. I made some of Jean's marked changes to PD Feds and read some of the files she sent. Ship Cards sent to FCOL this week: Hydran Lancer DD, Lyran Wildcat BC, Klingon D5WL. I did the Star Fleet Alert for the releases on 22 February after Adam and Daniel Kast sent me the missing stuff. Customer Request Wednesday included doing that Lyran painting article I have had for a year, approving the same-hex thing for FC and having it uploaded, and uploading the ISC CL for FC playtesting.

Steven Petrick spent the week working on the battlegroups for CL #41, other stuff for CL #41, and Module C3A.

Leanna spent the week doing mail orders, wholesaler orders, and year-end accounting. Mike Sparks (when not doing orders) got another video edited and uploaded and worked on restocking the inventory. Mike reported that we had received the Juggernaut shipment and they looked great.

Eric got a bunch done on the website, including uploading the spine cards and adding a first missions page to the Commander's Circle. His greatest accomplishment was getting all of those bootleg PDFs deleted from Major Racal.

Jean continued on her shooting practice but also made serious progress on Prime Directive Federation. John Sickels finished most of his stuff, but Jonathan Thompson and Tony Thomas still have work to do. I got a fat packet of purple-marked pages. Jean reports that the Facebook page continues to grow, attract customers we have never heard of (who don't go to the BBS), and is very positive.