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Sunday, January 10, 2010

This week at ADB, Inc., 3-9 January 2010

Steve Cole reports:

The weather this week was cold, freezing every night. It was just getting above freezing when I went to work each month, until Thursday when the bottom dropped out, and it was 15F or colder when I got here each morning.

Jean was still here Monday and Tuesday, but I covered that in last week's blog. Everybody missed her this week, and we tracked her trip with great concern until she was safely home.

The decision that Jean and Leanna made to clear out the BBS has left the place much calmer.

I did a bunch of work on F&E 2010 (doing hundreds of BBS posts, most of which were about the old version of the auto-kill rule) and did some work on PD Federation (making Jean's corrections to over 30 pages, and creating three of the four pages still left for me to create). I sent more ships to FCOL: Hydran Tartar, Lyran NCA, WYN Fish FF. Somebody suggested that we create a compendium book of all of the F&E stuff from Captain's Log. Petrick and I spent one afternoon doing that, resulting in a 260-page book. I'm not sure that it's been put on the cart yet, but it soon will be. I also did one page of Captain's Log #41 when Mike Bennett sent something so darn funny that it had to get printed. I was going to go to the Tea Party on Saturday, but Leanna called (not feeling well) and I had to divert to pick up stuff at the drugstore and go home to take care of her. I have my priorities. I installed two coat hooks in my office on Saturday, so maybe I won't leave my coat laying in the conference room. I did write another blog this week, so Petrick didn't get stuck writing all of them.

Leanna and Mike busy with orders all week, including the largest Alliance restocks ever.

Petrick kept working on SFB Module C3A when I wasn't having him help me with PD Federation stuff. Petrick and I did go get our H1N1 shots on Saturday.

Eric was busy this week getting the new semester started at school, but he still got a few things done on the website, such as creating the Jindarian page. The new Facebook page needs a ton of work that he never had time to do.

Work continued on the addition to our house, with most of the electrical and plumbing work done.