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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Vulpes Expedition

This is Steven Petrick Posting:

The history of the SF Universe is an accumulated and continually growing thing. There are references to historical events all through it, intended to be hooks for players to develop into things that might see publication. Back in the Early 1990s we did a brief history of the General War. As part of that, we included a reference to a Romulan Admiral Vulpes, who lead a squadron of ships that eventually saw combat with the Hydrans. Now, almost two decades later, a player has decided to develop the Vulpes operation as a mini-campaign. Of course, there have been changes since the item was originally written. We now have a much tighter look at what Romulan ships were available (due to Federation and Empire), and how those ships would need to operate. And even back in the early 1990s we defined what the last ships of the Vulpes operation were (they became part of the Red Fleet and are mentioned by name in the intelligence report the Alliance developed on that fleet).

So, sometime soon we may be putting a Vulpes campaign into playtest, and the Hydrans will learn to really fear plasma torpedoes (something they have previously only seen on a few Orion ships).

Of course, the Romulans may find that all those Phaser-Gs have a negative impact on their plasma!