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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Opening a Floodgate

This is Steven Petrick Posting.

A side note that my foul past has again caught up with me. I received an E-Mail today from an old gaming buddy back when I was in High School, i.e., the early 1970s. Ed McGrady was a friend I went through my first experiences in roleplaying games (he was an evil priest of K'sarul in the Empire of the Petal Throne, I was a happy-go-lucky ex-slave turned warrior). Ed and I participated in the great "mission impossible" episode to rescue Kara ty Kilashin and her handmaiden Ry le Ta from the slave markets. That was a great story arc in our adventures involving the habit of my character of collecting odd items that did not seem to have much practical value. We made a lot of mistakes playing that game, the most famous of which (among ourselves of course) was not realizing that "Bolt Throwers" fired every other TURN, and a Turn was TEN ROUNDS, so we were firing them every other ROUND. No wonder we swept the decks of enemy ships with our fire! To be fair, when we ran into the occassional enemy Bolt Thrower they also fired every other round until we discovered the mistake.

We also played En Garde, and pariticpated in a game of SPI's War in the East from the start to the finish. (I still cannot believe our Finish Commander managed to drown a good section of the Finnish Army be allowing it to be trapped on Lake Ladoga during the Winter just before Spring!)

Those were fun days of my youth, and I do not want to forget any of them. From the moments of high adventure and flashes of brilliance, to the periods of all of us groaning over something that was obviously not the best idea.

Napoleonic Miniatures, Fletcher Pratt Naval War rules miniature events, Fight in the Skies dogfights, and so many other things that the list just seems to go on.

A voice from the past triggering a flood of happy memories.