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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Thanks to the Origins Crew

This is Steven Petrick Posting.

The after Origins cleanup is almost done, although several things remain to be done (much of it paperwork).

Still, it is important that we acknowledge those to whom we cannot give enough thanks to.

Mike Filsinger, Paul Franz, and Roger Rardain kept the tournaments running. Without them it would be impossible to conduct Origins. We are eternally blessed by their commitment and support.

Charles Strong, Mike Curtis, and Tony L. Thomas keep the Federation & Empire event running continuously, and have made it an event to join year after year.

We need to also recognize Daniel Knipfer and Grant Strong who ably support the Federation & Empire events.

We also have to extend our thanks to Colleen Knipfer, Jean Sexton, and Celestia Getgen who assist SVC in running our booth in the dealer area, and who also assist in running messages.

I also want to extend a thanks to Garth Getgen (and Celestia Getgen) who ably assisted in getting our booth set up this year. I am, regretably, not as spry as I was and while I think I might have managed to make all of the trips back and forth to the vehicle to bring in our booth materials, it would have taken far longer without their assitance. Particularly given how far from the exhibit hall we were pretty much forced to park and haul our goods in.

Without the contributions of the above named individuals, Origins would be nearly impossible for us to run by ourselves. They are all eminently deservering of the thanks of the Star Fleet Universe as a whole.