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Monday, May 04, 2009

Our Cause is Just, So Lies Are Okay

This is Steven Petrick Posting.

One of the annoying aspects of some groups is their feeling that their cause is so important that it is okay to tell lies in order to achieve their goal. To cause people to support them by telling untruths because the truth is not enough to sway the majority.

An example is the PETA campaign in which they try to convince people that eating meat is bad. They do this by telling us that when an animal dies in terror that it floods its body with toxins, and meat-eaters shorten their lives by eating the meat tainted with these toxins.

This relies on the failure of the school systems to teach that modern man is taller, stronger, healthier, and longer lived than his earlier ancestors. The average height of Americans increased in just the last century (causing problems not just with beds made for the shorter standard, but with the design of ships wherein the standard hatches were made for the shorter average). This is even more graphically illustrated by the increases in height, health, and longevity among the average Japanese citizen given the increases in protein in their diets since the end of the Second World War. It is even more obvious in those from other lands who have assimilated into the American Dietary system.

It also fails to take into account that the majority of Predators bring down their victims in circumstances that are, to be succinct, terrifying.

If meat was poison, nature would have done one of two things:

All the meat-eaters would have died off or

Some of the meat-eaters would adapt to the poison.

It is possible there is an evolutionary change happening in some (unlikely for it to be all of them simultaneously) animals that would make their flesh poison. There is no indication that such is happening, much less has happened.

But PETA is on a mission to convert the world to a Vegan diet, and their cause in their own eyes is just, so much so that any tactic is valid, including lies that prey on those who do not know the truth. Which is itself one more condemnation of our public school system.